Thursday, January 21, 2010

Point of Clarification

So, as part of this bankroll challenge, I had originally posted only my PokerStars account, since at the time, my Full Tilt account was near $0 and I did not intend on playing there. This is one helluva long challenge (as it should be) and in the interim, by the miracles of self-whoring, I was able to obtain $50 on Full Tilt in exchange for a back alley blowjob. Um, I mean advertisement. It seemed to me that most people only posted one screenshot for their bankroll. My question are these:

1. Can I now post my FT bankroll and add that to the challenge, with the understanding (and if necessary, I will find a way to prove it) that I have not played there since the beginning of the challenge?

2. I will probably give another blow - er, advertisement - next month, so my bankroll on Tilt will be artificially inflated. Therefore, can I just disclose all deposits as they come so as not to artificially inflate my bankroll/progress?

3. Are most people playing on just one site or on multiple sites? I don't recall seeing many (or any?) kick-off posts with multiple screenshots of various bankrolls.

4. Will CK ever get anywhere near my HUGE $200 score? Of course, this is rhetorical. The answer is no.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your High Payout Leader

Jordan "High on Poker" Hiyonpoquer


  1. The answer is obviously (sadly) no.

  2. MHG lemme know if this is correct:

    I think for the BR challenge you're screwed, but for the rest of the challenges you can play on any site you want.

    .. And CK will cash on the last day of the challenge for 200.01, just to pwn your soul.

  3. I'm ok with it either way. As of now, I will go with the assumption that the only thing that counts for the SBC is my PokerStars account. I will assume that includes all of the bets until I know otherwise.

    Also, I plan on losing a lot on Full Tilt and winning a lot on PokerStars, merely to upset you all.

  4. I agree with CK and Bloorgh.

    I don't really see the harm in adding your FT account to the bankroll challenge, but we did have a cut off date, so might as well stick to that.

    But, you are right in believing that your FT account can count for any of the other bets (besides %gain) you are in for. Which are the biggest score and Slayer of Donkeys bets.

  5. I am not a part of the % gain bet, so I will add my thoughts as a slightly disinterested third party. I think the FT account should not be counted toward the % gain bet, solely because we told people they had to post screen shots by a certain date. I'm sure Jordan can honestly and diligently back-up his FT account numbers, but the rules are the rules. The FT account can be used for biggest score and slayer of donkeys.

    (Wait, did you get the big score on FT? If so, ignore the previous sentence.)