Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lucky 7s

I was going to avoid posting my BR until the end, but this was too good to resist.

You can't beat me. I'm lucky!

Monday, June 29, 2009

O8 Chatter

I just got chastised in the chat box while playing Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo for chasing a draw. The best part? Take a look at his screen name:

letsgoracinboyz: 9 5 6 8 and you call a pot sized raise pf?!
letsgoracinboyz: honestly he didnt belong in the pot in the first place

He's right, of course. But is friggin' name is Let's Go Racing, fercryinoutloud!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rolled Up in Razz

Since MHG already let out the secret weapon, I too will admit to trolling Razz. I imagine it's like the old days of Hold 'em where there were still plenty of folks who didn't quite understand the game, so you didn't have to work too hard to make money.

That said, this is not a good sign:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goals, Rules and Prizes

The primary goal of this two-month summer bankroll challenge is to boost our bankrolls. MTTs, SNGs, cash games--pick your poison. My poison is Razz. Other reasons for this challenge (more important than the primary goal for some) include having a close-knit group to both support and talk shit with. I look forward to spying on you who play at Full Tilt, and offering a mix of compliments and heckles from the sideline, or possibly even hopping in the cash game if it looks juicy enough.

The only two rules I can think of for this challenge are:

1) Must post an entrance and exit bankroll image. We've all posted our entrance bankroll images, and on or before August 20, 2009, we will all have to post an exit bankroll image.

2) Any deposits or withdrawals from accounts during the challenge need to be recorded and will be added or subtracted from the original bankroll at the end of the competition. (Say you have $20 in your bankroll image, go busto and deposit $50 in your account--now your starting bankroll will be considered $70 for betting considerations) One note about deposits and withdrawals, I plan on just making an Excel spreadsheet, because I make plenty of <$5 bets with people using my FTP account, so for matters of secrecy, I will keep these transactions secret until we wrap up the challenge.

As for prizes, I think the best option is to make our own side bets with one another. This way, nobody is excluded from bets, nor forced to make bets. Monetary bets are all well and good, and I'm sure I will make a few over the course of this challenge, but I also look forward to using my imagination. Here are a few bets I would like to make to open the floodgates:

1) Most gained as % of bankroll from beginning to end of challenge ($10 into pool, winner take all)
2) Largest score ($5 into pool, winner take all)
3) Slayer of Donkeys ($5 into pool, winner is the lowest fraction value of finishing place / number of entrants, i.e. 1st out of 18 entrants would be worse than 3rd out of 1000 entrants)
4) Funniest post on this blog (Losers post an entry bowing down to the winner, to be voted secretly by participants)
5) Dr. Chako horse betting ($5, Dr. Chako and I each get two horses for this challenge, betting on #1 bet mentioned above)
6) Katitude bet (A vanity picture on our respective bikes, betting on who will do better in this challenge: Dr. Chako or Cindilicious, you pick your horse, Kat)

If you are interested in any of these bets, or if you have any questions or comments about the post, holler. As far as my bets are concerned, you can ship funds to me on FTP for the first three prize pool bets and I will keep track.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009