Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who do I owe what to?

Sorry, Just remember this, and I am just too much of a lazy fuck to try and figure it out for myself. If I owe you anything for the last bankroll challenge, please drop me an IM or an email.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Funniest Poster

Ode to Blaargh!

You, dear alien, are a hoot.
Not the hoot who does jello shots with no hands,
The hoot with feathers on days besides Halloween.


Interstellar graphs,
With lines,
So many lines,
That are meaningless to this
Colorblind gentleman,
Who would like to meet your Ev one day,
She sounds nice.

The post bet

In honor of MHG... I bow to your skillz at teh Microsoft paint.

There once was a Mean Happy Guy,

who chose to give drawing a try.

He did it while drunk,

with the tip of his junk,

but the size of his pen made him cry.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Horse Bet

When there is no white in a painting of mine, you know that I've put some time into it. It just so happens on this part of the track there is no scenery. Why is there no scenery? Jordan bought everything in sight and has it in his mansion. In fact, there is a clearcut forest all along the next furlong of the track.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The REAL Bets

Giving money to Jordan isn't fun for any of us, so let's get to the REAL bets. A few of these will need the peanut gallery's input.

4) Funniest Post
MHG: A poem ode to the victor
Blaargh!: dirty limerick
Dr. Chako: poetry
Kat: haiku/poem

I do not think we have a clearcut winner for this yet, we will need to hash this out in the comments section. Or perhaps each bettor will pick their favorite funniest post and give their writing to the victor?

5) Betting the horses
MHG: A painting of the victor
Blaargh!: painting
Dr. Chako: Some form of original art. I may write and record a song.
Kat: crafty/pokery goodness

Thanks to CK for her spreadsheet skills. Unfortunately, Blaargh, Dr. C, and Kat all ended up in a 3-way tie. With me finishing dead-last. I will create a painting of all three victors.

6) Bad Beat of the Challenge (worst bad beat of the challenge, non-monetary)
MHG: A box of Kleenex
Blaargh!: The world's smallest violin
Dr. Chako: The world's 2nd smallest violin. Apparently the smallest was already taken.

If I recall correctly, I think Blaargh had a pretty nice bad beat at some point in this challenge, but I will need to do some research. What say you, peanut gallery?

7) Most hands played during the challenge
Blaargh!: $5
MHG: $2
Aposec72: $3

The spreadsheet of my challenge has already been posted, and I didn't make it to 10k, so I'm pretty sure I lost this one. I'm not sure who between Blaargh and Aposec to give money to.

8) Best overall winrate over 10k hands
Blaargh!: $5
MHG: $2

This one could be tricky. If Blaargh was negative over 10k hands, is that better or worse than not even playing 10k hands? Sigh. I'm willing to fight to the death over this bet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Game

I wound up finishing the challenge down around a third of my account. I was positive up until the last day when I decided to try to take down the Sunday 80 grand and top Jordan's score. I then followed that up with a bad cash session. Oh well, go out with a bang I guess.

Congrats to Jordan on the win.

The Tax Man Cometh (i.e., how much do you owe me)

Hey folks. Seeing as how I appear to be set for my three bets, I thought I'd save MHG the trouble of tallying and do it myself. Sure, 50% of the reason is I wanna get paid, but the other half is the fact that if I were MHG, the last thing I'd want to do is tally how much everyone owes the winnah.

My bets were:

$10 for % bankroll increase
$5 for biggest cash
$5 for Slayer of Donkeys

Payouts should be as follows:

MHG - $7
Blaargh! - $20
BWOP - $10
Dr. Chako - $20
Kat - $15
Aposec - $12
Shawn - $10
Heffmike - $25

You can verify the bets HERE. I did not include any bets for which I was not a part.

Payment can be made on FullTilt to HighOnPoker or on PokerStars to HighOnPokr (no E). If you want to arrange for alternative payments, please email me. Sexual favors in lieu of payment is only offered to the girls and MHG.*

On a related note, would anyone be interested in a new Heads-Up Challenge? Depending on the amount of players, it may be a round-robin tournament or a bracket tournament. This is all hypothetical until we have enough players and can settle on a "buy-in". If you are interested, feel free to leave a comment or email me (highonpokr AT yahoo DOT communist). I would like to do a buy-in of $20, ideally, but I'm open to suggestion. Start time for this challenge is likely no sooner than two weeks from today. I'll need some time to organize the brackets and get the money, which must be paid in advance of the challenge (I will pay out the winners directly).

Until next time, good game!

*By accepting this offer, you also agree that any venereal diseases or embryos obtained through the alternative payment system is the sole responsibility of the payor. After any such sexual embrace, the payor agrees not to fall in love with, stalk, or communicate with the payee, HighOnPoker. All sexual favors are subject to Germs and Positions.

Dr. Chako's results

Well, I did much better this challenge than the last one, but not good enough. Basically I made enough to pay off my props.

% Bankroll Increase: 53.8% ($151.20/98.33)
Largest Score: $36.00
Slayer of Donkeys: 5.5% (1/18)

At least I had an entry for the Bad Beat

Edit - I had 2 entries. This one was truly bad and I was actually in this hand.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Awesomeness of FAIL

I think it is safe to say I am nowhere near contention for the roll gain, or the big money win.
Best finish was my Daily Dollar play at 3% and change.

It's over?

I've played very little poker as real life has been proving to be much more interesting than sitting in front of Full Tilt. Frankly, I have fallen so out of sync with poker, that reading a book called "Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology" is actually more enticing.

Here's hoping the February Blahs end soon. And yes, I am aware that it is now March.

So let's just assume that I've lost all bets because I'm sure that I have. So sure that it's not even worth going to get a screen shot.

Who do I owe what to?

blaargh. (the sound, as well as the name)

Didn't get a chance to try for a hail mary, only played the mook on wed, otherwise, been working non-stop.... so.... enjoy. I'll try to post the sickening graphs and charts later, but lets just assume I've lost every bet. At least I'm not negative this time, though I feel like I am after a high of 3700.... yeesh.

Having said that, it's been fun playing with you all, see ya at the north american summer challenge!

(oh, and FUCK YOU RUSH POKER!!!!!!!)