Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Tax Man Cometh (i.e., how much do you owe me)

Hey folks. Seeing as how I appear to be set for my three bets, I thought I'd save MHG the trouble of tallying and do it myself. Sure, 50% of the reason is I wanna get paid, but the other half is the fact that if I were MHG, the last thing I'd want to do is tally how much everyone owes the winnah.

My bets were:

$10 for % bankroll increase
$5 for biggest cash
$5 for Slayer of Donkeys

Payouts should be as follows:

MHG - $7
Blaargh! - $20
BWOP - $10
Dr. Chako - $20
Kat - $15
Aposec - $12
Shawn - $10
Heffmike - $25

You can verify the bets HERE. I did not include any bets for which I was not a part.

Payment can be made on FullTilt to HighOnPoker or on PokerStars to HighOnPokr (no E). If you want to arrange for alternative payments, please email me. Sexual favors in lieu of payment is only offered to the girls and MHG.*

On a related note, would anyone be interested in a new Heads-Up Challenge? Depending on the amount of players, it may be a round-robin tournament or a bracket tournament. This is all hypothetical until we have enough players and can settle on a "buy-in". If you are interested, feel free to leave a comment or email me (highonpokr AT yahoo DOT communist). I would like to do a buy-in of $20, ideally, but I'm open to suggestion. Start time for this challenge is likely no sooner than two weeks from today. I'll need some time to organize the brackets and get the money, which must be paid in advance of the challenge (I will pay out the winners directly).

Until next time, good game!

*By accepting this offer, you also agree that any venereal diseases or embryos obtained through the alternative payment system is the sole responsibility of the payor. After any such sexual embrace, the payor agrees not to fall in love with, stalk, or communicate with the payee, HighOnPoker. All sexual favors are subject to Germs and Positions.


  1. Would have gone sexual favor route, but I wouldn't be able to stop stalking you... money being sent now. It represents over 20% of my bankroll, so spend it wisely.

  2. Congratulations Jordan! I really wanted to make a run at besting your largest score / slayer of donkeys % but I fell off the online poker thing for a while . . . yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.

    Would you prefer FT or PS transfer? I have money on both sites.

  3. I guess I prefer Stars, but frankly, I don't mind either way. Thanks CK.

  4. Good game, I sent you $10 on pokerstars. It looks like he made a mistake tallying up the bets. If you look below at my comment on the role call page I only jumped in for % gained and biggest score for $5 each.

    I'd go for a heads up challenge. I never play heads up so I'll probably get crushed but it sounds like fun.

  5. Paid up on Full Tilt. Well done, man.


  6. Paid on FT (sorry, 20 bucks would probably break my stars account :)

    Nice job.

  7. will ship on FTP later today.

    sure, HU Challenge is interesting. I'll give it a shot.

  8. Sorry for the mix up Shawn, I've taken you out of the 3rd bet on the original post.