Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The REAL Bets

Giving money to Jordan isn't fun for any of us, so let's get to the REAL bets. A few of these will need the peanut gallery's input.

4) Funniest Post
MHG: A poem ode to the victor
Blaargh!: dirty limerick
Dr. Chako: poetry
Kat: haiku/poem

I do not think we have a clearcut winner for this yet, we will need to hash this out in the comments section. Or perhaps each bettor will pick their favorite funniest post and give their writing to the victor?

5) Betting the horses
MHG: A painting of the victor
Blaargh!: painting
Dr. Chako: Some form of original art. I may write and record a song.
Kat: crafty/pokery goodness

Thanks to CK for her spreadsheet skills. Unfortunately, Blaargh, Dr. C, and Kat all ended up in a 3-way tie. With me finishing dead-last. I will create a painting of all three victors.

6) Bad Beat of the Challenge (worst bad beat of the challenge, non-monetary)
MHG: A box of Kleenex
Blaargh!: The world's smallest violin
Dr. Chako: The world's 2nd smallest violin. Apparently the smallest was already taken.

If I recall correctly, I think Blaargh had a pretty nice bad beat at some point in this challenge, but I will need to do some research. What say you, peanut gallery?

7) Most hands played during the challenge
Blaargh!: $5
MHG: $2
Aposec72: $3

The spreadsheet of my challenge has already been posted, and I didn't make it to 10k, so I'm pretty sure I lost this one. I'm not sure who between Blaargh and Aposec to give money to.

8) Best overall winrate over 10k hands
Blaargh!: $5
MHG: $2

This one could be tricky. If Blaargh was negative over 10k hands, is that better or worse than not even playing 10k hands? Sigh. I'm willing to fight to the death over this bet.


  1. For most hands played, it would go to BLAARGH! - I was far behind halfeway through, and came to a schreeching halt during february because I had this bad problem of losing money and ended with ane xtremely negative win-rate, not to mention not even getting to 10K hands (I ended around 4500, I think)


    So you ship BLAARGH! 2 and I ship him 3. I guess I also have to ship Jordan 12. I think that covers me.

  2. Yeah, I pretty much crushed the most hands bet - I'm at about 25k NL hands and I played probably 4 or 5k PLO rush hands (HEM doesn't track PLO unless you pay extra afaik)

    Overall winrate - early on I was wk 3 I was running 12bb/100 over 14k hands... (ie... pretty darn good!)
    MHG - you didn't even make it to 10k, is that a default? BTW, I ended the challenge up 26%, all my crying is over the fact that I was up about 100% at one point. (whaaaaa - where's my tiny violin!)

    Bad Beat
    I have this:
    as a runner up to this:
    $573 pot. AI on flop. PUKE.

    As for funniest post... unfortunately I didn't have time to get another animation going, so I'm not even in this unless you like laughing at my punctured finger (I just find it sad). I vote for MHG's drunk motorcycle drawing.

  3. My comment was a bold-faced lie! 8000 hands, yeah right! Over the entire challenge I played 3693, according to my Excel sheet. I just wanted you to play lots and lots of hands, thinking the bet was contested... mwah ah ah!

  4. YOU BASTARD!!!!!

    heh, I didn't even play the last 3 weeks - I had you crushed at week 1!!!! I KNEW you were too busy kissing girls (ewwwwwww).

  5. Blaargh, I'm shipping you $9, please send me $5 back! I'll be working on my poem and IOU one box of Kleenex, Blaargh.

  6. I'm shipping Jordan $12 and BLAARGH $3, AFAIK...which will be tomorrow because PayPal doesn't really want to behave for me right now...if I am incorrect, please correct me.