Monday, February 1, 2010

On Yer Horses

Sorry for the delayed post. I didn't have regular interweb access when I was in LA.

The participants in the horsie prop challenge are BLAARGH!, Doc Chako, Katitude and Meanhappyguy.

Here's how the picks went down:

Because everyone picked me for largest score (awwwwww, that's sweet), it's going to come down to % gained and slayer of donkeys. It looks like Jordan is the man to beat in all categories, which puts Meanhappyguy at a significant disadvantage.


  1. See, this is what I have been waiting for. Finally, FINALLY, someone, hell 3 people, have come to appreciate my genius. I will not let you all down. MHG, you disappoint me, almost as much as you will disappoint yourself when you lose.

  2. Yeah, looks like it may end up a 3way tie... MHG will have to do a group portrait :P
    Unless of course, one of the picks (me for instance) pulls a huge win outa his butt... (hey, it could happen!)
    btw - I'm flattered that I got picked for % gain... but with such short starting stacks from the other folks I'm a pretty big longshot.

    Thanks for throwing this together CK!