Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Last Run

I'm about break even now online since the challenge started. I've also been slacking on tournaments so it's time for one last run. I entered Pokerstars' 80 grand sunday special to try to take down HighOnPoker's record. Starts in 5 minutes, let's see if I can run good.


  1. Dope, just busted right after the break. I was getting short and needed to shove when a passive player on my right came in with a raise. It was his first raise of the tourney and I really didn't like my AQ there but I was so short. I shoved and he called with AK. I know that's pretty text book there and I made the right move, butI hate when I don't follow my gut and then find out I was right.

    I call do over. Time to look for one more "one last run" tourney.

  2. Damnit, I bust again. 88 < 44 when he makes a set. Ok, I surrender. Back to cash games.