Thursday, February 4, 2010

Know when to say no...

Get home tired and crabby. Play rush 50NL while eating dinner. Getting nowhere, and feeling really tired. Fire up a 100NL table. Go up and down for a while, double up and think about quitting, as it really feels like I can't get it together. Getting re-raised a ton, missing flops, not catching anything remotely playable, folding way too easily, the usual signs that my heart just isn't in it and I should get some sleep. Fold AA to a fish that I later find out is a TOTAL fish. I lost the bare minimum there. I'm still not sure it was a bad laydown, but I definitely should have bet the flop. Get in a coin flip with another dude with AA again and lose. Drop precipitously down to -200, work some of it back and finally sit out -130. I should know better. I need to bring my A game to 100NL (or any limit for that matter).

Saw Fuel a few times during the session. Grabbed $5 from him when he got in the way of my fish from above and I rr them both out of the BB. Later I sat out (the only way you can watch a hand in progress in Rush) and watched him flop a set of 5's from the button and stack some other poor schmoe who never saw it coming. Good times.

Got home too late for the Mookie again. Dang.

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