Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Retire

The first few days of this challenge were great. I was cashing fairly deep in tournaments, making money, loving life. Then Rush Poker came. The smallest limit wasn't low enough to play with proper bankroll management, but I played anyways. It seemed like every blogger was winning big money, so I felt compelled to play. I lost. Then lost some more.

I created a spreadsheet for this challenge (which you'll have to click to read):

Date played, type of poker/buy-in, how many hands I played, win/loss, notes, and finally a 1-10 self-rating of my play. Undisciplined play and distractions place all the blame squarely on my shoulders for the loss in bankroll.

I was hoping this challenge would turn me into a stone-cold killer on the virtual felt. Instead, I've realized that I'm not cut out for it. I played a lot of home games over the past two months and I've cashed nearly every time while having a blast with friends. When I've played online over the past two months I have usually been wishing I was outside doing something else. I also didn't play a few tournaments because I wanted to be available should something more fun come along.

Looking forward to seeing others' results roll in over the next few days. I completely forgot about posting this until I saw Jordo's crappy post.

I should have all the side bets tabulated by the end of the week, assuming you all post some screen shots!

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