Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The last bad beat

The before picture: I've flopped the nut flush in a three-way pot. All the chips are in the middle after the flop comes out.

Note the odds.

Note the 5% to the right.

Now, note the "after" picture. Drumroll, please...

Oh come on, you KNEW it was coming. For what it's worth, both hands ended up besting me, as the player on the left ended up with tens full of threes.

So, why do I call it the last bad beat?

Well, after this latest flameout, my bankroll is at a paltry $0.33.

That pretty much precludes me from playing anything except the Daily Dollar for FTP points.

So, in all certainty, I'm now out of the running for any of the prop bets.

More cheddah for ya to chase.


It's probably for the bext anyway. I started getting wildly burned out in January and February and could use a good, long break anyway to recharge a little bit.


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