Tuesday, February 2, 2010

50% Off Coupon

It appears that we are halfway through the SBC. Who knows? I'm too busy racking up the big wins and making MHG cry to pay attention to such minor details.

Since I am such a magnanimous guy, I have decided to offer mercy on my fellow SBC players. I am now willing to consider 50% buy-outs of all prop bets. If you think there is no chance you will beat my amazingness, simply let me know and if agreed, I will accept a 50% payout. If I win, you don't pay. If I don't win...well, let's be honest. That isn't going to happen. BUT if I don't win, then the bet is over anyway, so you get nothing from me.

Now, some of you might be asking yourself, "Self, why would I take such an offer?" The answer is simple. You like your money. Take the discount, ladies. It's the smart economical decision.

Until next time, pay me!


  1. Ummm... how does that work (sorry, I'm not much for prop bets). Let's say I buy out of % for 5 bucks, and all of a sudden APOSEC wins the 50/50. Do I now have to pay another 10 to him?
    If it's just a straight buy out, I'm all for killing my % bet, since it's useless anyway, but hell if I ain't gonna take you down on the other 2!

  2. The way I understand such things, BLAARGH, basically, you pay me off so we no longer have a prop bet. Now, all that said, if someone else ends up beating me, you still have to pay them. But if I win outright, you don't have to pay. On the flipside, if you win, I pay you nothing, because the bet between us is dead.

    Now, I am willing to take buy-outs on all bets or individual ones. So, for instance, if you think I will win the Slayer of Donkeys prop, you can simply pay me off for that one and the other bets will stand.



  3. Bah, I'll just let it ride and hope to be paying off CK, just to spite your cocky ass...



    (nothing like some good smack talk to keep things interesting, huh?)