Monday, February 15, 2010

I finally do something worth posting.

The last few weeks have been so so busy. Work is nutty, three feet of snow have fallen in DC, the kids have been out of school over a week and a half now, I'm sick.. and really haven't done anything worth writing about - until today.

I went from 6K in chips at 1K/2K/125 with two tables left - to winning four straight all-ins with the best of it every time to take the chip lead to the final table. I only lost two more hands after that and finally got heads up, but with only 30-odd blinds in play, we just chopped it 50-50.

I would have played it out, but I realized first wouldn't have beaten Jordan's tourney win last month. I guess I have 13 more days to try one more time and bink it out of there.

Amusingly enough, this finally puts me back in black for the Challenge after two weeks of run bad/play worse. Perhaps the worm is turning.

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