Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live Blogging "The Daily Dollar"

Alright you bastards, time to get serious. I'm taking this thing down while watching prime-time TV and hoping Georgetown takes out Syracuse (seeing how many people I can piss off with this post, CK, hard feelings).

6,000 Runners at the tip off, sure to be closer to 10,000 by the time registration closes. A one-dollar gang bang. I don't envy Lady Luck tonight.

Hand 1: Start off the night with 82o in the cut off. Intend on raising, but douche before me raises a limper 6xBB. Fold reluctantly.

Hand 2: A6o in MP, UTG raises 6xBB, fold.

Syracuse is up 49 to 33 in the second half with 16 minutes left. Rautins needs to stop hitting three pointers if Georgetown has any hope 52-33.

Hand 3: 93o, fold to 7xBB raise in front of me.

Hand 4: K7o, open fold +1UTG.

Not even a cool Guinness in a "Mother Knows Best" mug is going to save me from ranting tonight.

Hand 5: K3o UTG, fold.

I will dip below or above my starting stack on the next hand... BB special?!?!

Hand 6: J4hh, suited baby!!! UTG+1 min raises, gets one caller, hijack min-re-raises, SB calls, I call with my HEARTS, UTG+1 Min-re-re-raises and gets four callers... oh baby tonight is going to be fun. Flop is all diamonds and I fold to a continuation pot-sized bet by Mr. Min-Re-raise.

Hand 7: 84o, complete in the SB with 3 others and the BB. Flop checks around K53, turn another 3 and Late position guy bets 300 into an 80 chip pot. Fold.

Hand 8: AJo on the button! limper from EP, Min-raiser min-raises, four callers including me. K74. Some guy bets 1/2 pot and I call loose, as does Mr. Min-reraiser. We check the 7 on the turn. I bet the Ace on the river (420, just shy of the pot) and don't get a caller. Up to 3250

Hand 9: AQo in the cutoff! MP guy bets 70 (3.5BB), I raise to 220 in the Cut-off. Blinds fold and the original raiser calls. KK6 rainbow flop, he checks and I bet another 420, he calls. We check the 5 turn. 4 on the river and he bets the 1310 pot. I make a hero call with my A-hi, because I confuse this guy with Mr. Min-Re-Raise. He shows TT and I'm down to 1300.

Hand 10: 69o, fold.

Hand 11: AQ CRUBS in MP. Open-raise 3.5BB. Called in 2 places. T87 rainbow flop. Pot-sized continuation bet takes it down.

Hand 12: 57o, fold.

Hand 13: AKo, UTG+1, open-raise to 105 or 3.5BB. Called from MP. Min-re-raised by Mr. Min-ReRaise, BB calls, I go all-in for 1300. MP guy folds, Mr. Min-re-raise calls my push, BB calls as well. They both get it all in on the JT3 rainbow flop. They both have AJo and end up splitting my chips.



  1. I was looking forward to reading literally hundreds of hands on your way to victory. I guess it just was not meant to be.