Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm in a really good mood right now. My bankroll's taken a hit in the last few weeks. I guess I can't win every day but at least I'm still above break even since the challenge started.  I'm also slacking on the tournaments only having played three so far.  There was one min cash for about $20, but of course, this is all not why I'm in such a great mood.

I made the final table of event 34 in the LA Poker Classic series at Commerce. I'll be coming to the table 3rd in chips today when the action resumes. If anybody wants to follow I'll be posting @holecardsrwild on twitter. We start again 3:30 PT.


  1. That's awesome dude. Nice payday no matter how it turns out. Hoping you grab #1!

  2. holy crap... 3rd place.... really really nice, congrats

  3. Thanks Blaargh. I've been meaning to post a follow up but I'm still working on a recap of the final table for the blog.

  4. I've posted recaps on my blog.

    Day 1:

    Final Table:

    Check em out and leave a comment if you like. I'm getting ready now for another run in tomorrow's $335 event. I'll be posting again on twitter.