Monday, February 1, 2010

All Downhill From Here

No kudos for Jordan. Not now, not ever! Well, maybe when the challenge ends (and only if his tallies hold up). I regret inviting him into the challenge. I knew he'd screw things up for me.

Okay, okay, rant over.

Halfway point and my top secret scores will stay top secret. You can take that to mean I've lost half my bankroll and have no scores worthy of posting... or you can take it to mean my scores make Jordan's look like chump change. Your call.

Rush poker is bullshit. That, and FT needs a smaller buy-in Rush Poker so I don't lose my entire bankroll in the next week.


  1. HAH! Screw those top secret scores, this administration demands transparency! I'm gonna get MoveOn to deliver a petition to you!

    And yeah, Rush is either really great or a nightmare, depending on how well you're running.

  2. Nothing is more transparent than that hole in the middle of a zero. BOOM!