Friday, May 28, 2010

Steps Challenge!

Now that BBT5 is mostly behind us.... Anyone up for a mini-challenge?

I'm thinking a 1 or 2 week bout revolving around FT's new steps tourneys. The idea is to start with a set amount at step 0 (the $1 superturbos) - lets say 25 buyins or so ($27.50 @ $1.10 per step 0 - or use FTPs to buy into step 0's - the point is to start at the beginning) ... get as many step 1's as you can, work those into step 2's etc.... until you're either busto or you have a 10k seat. We could do this as a point system - with the step # the amount of points you earn. You CAN NOT buy directly into a bigger step, you have to earn it from 0 and work up. You can choose to stop at any point throughout and keep those points (and the ticket to use however you wish). Redo's count (if you do a step 2 and don't win, but get sent back to step 1 that counts as 3 points). Potentially someone could work 1 ticket up to step 6, and another not make it past step 1, but get 50 redos and take this thing down...
First person to a 10k seat is an auto-win and this thing is over.

Usual props apply - winner pot, horsie, best post, blah blah blah - you decide.

Anyone interested? Should step 0 be more/less than 25? 1 week, 2 weeks?


  1. That WSOP thing is going on right now. I won't be up for another online blogger challenge until probably fall.