Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warm up heating up

Fiver is good, Cindy. Kat, you in for a fin?

I'm signed up. They were getting close to 25k last night, so might be a good idea to sign up now.

You can use Full tilt points to get in (about 1k). Seems like a pretty good deal.

Any of the big boys here wanna join in, now that we're getting closer?


  1. I'll sign up tonight - and if I end up missing it, I can laugh about going further than all of you by not even taking my seat :)

  2. Count me in, even though I have to live-blog it while playing.

  3. Awesome! So far we have Aposec, Cindy, Al, Blaargh and I'm assuming Kat. If anyone else is doing this, chime in soon!

    I'm gonna try to live blog here - never did it before, so we'll see how that goes... I'm assuming Al is live blogging for FT, but APo, cindy Kat - you kids should live blog here as well, could be fun.

    Going to watch the marathon pass by my door now - see ya kids this afternoon!

  4. All right, dammit. I'm in, too. Might as well put those FT points to good use.

    Just registered now. I'll probably miss a good portion of the tournament, but knowing this bunch, I'll probably last longest.