Sunday, November 1, 2009

Warmup live blog - BLAARGH

7:10 ... and my mighty ducks don't hold up. Out in 2010. Great playing with yall, it's time to cash out and rub it on my t1ties.

7:07 wondering if my run good is gone.... down to 9700 and getting crap for cards while every hand at the table is a shove. I'm going to have to get in sometime soon, but my last cards have been 72o, 72o, 84o, all with raises that effectively put me all in if I wanna play...

6:55 break - 17k

6:55 - folded 33 raise to all in rr and lost a few chips. around 10bb again... crap

6:54 still hanging in at 22k, was up to 30k, but got into button vs blind idiocy and had to call off a bunch of chips with K3cc. Flopped a 3, but he rivered a st8

6:28 won a ridiculous hand... my wife just brought in dinner - I have ATcc in MP - UTG raises, I shove my last 9k on a wtf I'm crushed but I'm hungry move - I get called by TT and QQ... and river a friggin A. Jeebus. Lucky bastard indeed.

(can't believe I finally won a friggin challenge!)
Make all checks out to blaargh86 on FT :)
Aposec went out on a horrible cooler, while I've been getting by stealing blinds. T 14,511

6:17 - I think Aposec is gone?

6:04 - pretty sure the bubble is burst - hand for hand lasted one hand
Ship that $7.50 in free mobneys. Even if Aposec wins, I'm still $2.50 ahead since I used FTP points :)

5:55 break time

Blaargh - T12,036
Aposec72 - T5,248
Sir Al - gonzo
Cindy - gonzo
Dr C. - gonzo
Kat - gonzo

7581 left, for all intents and purposes, Aposec + I made the $$ - wheeeeeee!
Average stack 11,574
blinds move to 300/600 a75

5:53 Holy crap, almost to the $$ - about 7800 left, 7500 pay

5:52 shorty shoved over my raise w/ AJo for 700 more easy call to knock out his KQo. Stole blinds and up to 12k

5:48 avoided devastation again when I folded my AK on 4QT flop. He REALLY seemed like he wanted a call. he showed 44 for trips.

5:45 had to make my move - shoved 3400 over 3 limpers, then shoved my sb over the bb who called with A9o. My QJo was gold on the turned Q

5:39 moved again, luckily not in the bb. Cindy is def out. Just avoided catastrophe when I folded my button rather than shoving over the big stack - he had AA
Aposec is sitting pretty right now with 6k chips

5:35 - just looked for cindy - she may be out too?
Still hanging with T3850 - getting tough as it's push and pray time...

5:28 - looks like Al is out

Just shoved bb on button raise for a few chips T3,825

5:16 - got some chips back, then lost em again w/ AJo T2,755

5:05 lost some chips w/ A7o <>

blinds at 160/80 btw

Blogger Update at break:

Blaargh - T3,315
Aposec72 - T2,433
Sir Al - T1,575
Cindy - ??? (what's your screen name?)
Dr C. - gonzo
Kat - gonzo

4:55 made first break with T3,315.

4:52 - just won a pot with AKo. T$3,315. waiting around for a shot at the table spaz, so folding a lot.

4:23 - just got moved to 2 new talbes without having played a hand, guess folks are busting at a rapid clip

4:20 - save myself a buttload of $$ by folding this one on the flop (raise + rr before it got to me - price was too high for my 8 outs)

4:07 - double to 2775 off a psycho KK > A9o - got moved to new table

4:02 - finally back up and running...

I hope whatever they do to the software doesn't interfere with my hole card reading ability. 

Sorry, nothing interesting to say. I hope people are busting out while my table sits here locked up :P

While we're waiting....

Ummm... yeah.

System: Due to network connectivity issues, a number of players have lost their connection to the game. Extra time has been added to the disconnect time bank.
System: The network connectivity issues have been resolved, normal game play will now continue.

3:46 - not playing very well... folding too easily to pressure, not choosing spots very well... this will be pretty quick if I don't get my shit together. 1,575 now.

Is it jut me, or is FT running REALLY badly?

3:30 - already down to 1,740 after cbet/folding pocket 2's to aggressive dude. sigh.

3:25 - dude shoves for all his chips on J high board with J3o and snapped by KK. 
I call bb w/ 78ss, hit an 8 and call down tiny bets to riv where other dude shows QQ. Not a very strong table, I think....

3:20 - finally got HEM back up and running and the tourney is off. Folded 38o from mp

3:04 - have to reboot pc, of course. Good start to the day....

Getting close to kickoff, where the first pitch will be thrown by one of the greatest all time and most beloved poker players, Russ Hamilton. We salute you Russ!

And the playahs are:

(and Al's live blog via full tilt click here)


  1. Flopped a straight on the 5th hand and got a brave lad to chase me for a while. Now I will subside and try to resist playing 8-10 off, which I've gotten 3 times already. It anyone else getting real stuttery?

  2. FT running badly. Nothing of note yet here. Sitting at 2155. Looks like 4600 have already been felted.

  3. Appears to be running better after resuming at 4:00. Down from 43,874 to 37,890.

  4. Now that they closed registration it seems to be running better. I'm at about 2700.

  5. I'm still sitting at T1700. Can't get much traction but I'm not drowning in the donkey blood yet - just dropped under the 30,000 player mark.

  6. I'm out. KK vs 88. GL all.


  7. I'm out.I have to get ready to go to a student's funeral, and my heart just wasn't in poker today. I needed a better diversion I guess. Let me know who I need to send the fiver to.

  8. Still in at about 2700. Still at the same table with almost all of the original players.

  9. Sorry about your student, Kat. That's a bumout. GL.

  10. sorry kat...definitely understandable...

  11. FINALLY doubled original starting stack - just dropped under 15,000 players and a lot of the dead stacks are being knocked out now.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Nope, I'm done. Thought the table chipleader was trying to steal the blinds and got into a pissing contest and lost with trips against quads. GL to those still in, my $5 awaits the victor!

  14. I'm out in 5,961st. 8-8 v. 10-10, flopped a set, but he turned a 10 to kill me.



  15. Wow, that sucks. I'll still take your $$, but wow. That REALLY sucks.

  16. My money = your money. Railing you and wishing I hadn't decided to play sheriff. Resist the urge, because they are sure pushing it.

  17. Yes, that complete idiot Blaargh roached his way into a 2010 finish before putting his whole tourney on the line with a pair of 2's. What a lucksack.