Monday, July 6, 2009

1st Two Hands

So, I'm playing the 3 + .30 knockout tournament on FT. There are 848 runners. I registered late.

Here are my first two hands.

Hand #1: Hugh raises pot in MP with 9-10 off (moron). I call from the small blind with Ah-Jh and the big blind comes along. Look at this action flop, fer cryin' out loud! I have a good open-ender and check. BB checks the nuts with a draw to the flush. Hugh, the original raiser, flops 2 pair and bets pot. I have no idea where I'm at and should fold, but I call. BB now pushes, Hugh insta-calls, and I'm forced to muck.

Turn improves BB from a straight to a flush. The river? Hugh hits a 4-outer for his full house.

Hand #2: Limped pot, so I see a cheap flop with Ad-5d. I lead out on the flop to see if my Ace is good (they all limped, after all). Solid raise from A-10, re-raise from the suited Negreanu, insta-call from the button with his 2 pair and once again I muck. Straight and flush both get there on the river.

How I'm still alive is anyone's guess. I hope to go deeper than yesterday where I pulled within a hair of beating MHG for the deepest run.

Edit: Hand #3 and it's all over. I made the hero call on the push from my earlier nemesis Hugh. Brilliant, right? Runner-runner flush and IGHN.

I believe I hear a glass of Warre's Warrior Port calling my name.

Edit #2: So sue me. As I was typing the post I busted out so I didn't edit properly. In hand #1, BB technically flopped the 2nd nuts. And in hand #2, there was no straight. Don't you people have better things to worry about?!

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