Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm vying with kat for the biggest percentage loss contest. Why aren't we putting bets on that?

This is from the start:

... and below was just last night. 

Spent the night driving from the smokey mountains. I got back to NYC at about noon after no sleep, went to work, went out to see a friend play at a nearby bar, didn't eat, drank myself silly - and decided that it was a PERFECT time to play poker. I don't even remember any of the hands I played (I do recall getting AA cracked by a donkey with QTo), but from the looks of the graph, I wasn't doing too well in the showdown dept.

The camping trip, however was great. I watched this d-bag almost get mauled by a bear when he walked right up to it, put his camera in the bear's face, and started taking flash pictures. WTF are you frigging idiots thinking??? The bear was pretty small, but def coulda done some decent damage, and he was pissed. He took a few swats at the dude, but braniac got away unscathed, unfortunately. Wouldn't want my daughter to see it, but man did the dude deserve a few stitches... or missing arm... or a punch to the spleen... I'm pretty sure that guy plays razz tourneys.

xxxooo - BLAARGH!


  1. Thats's definitely a Razz kinda move. "Please kick me in my junk. Again. Harder!"

    How do you get those stats and graphs?


  2. Dude, unless you can say something absurd like NINETY-TWO percent loss, I am the clear winner.

    Can't tell you how many idiots like that I've seen in my travels. Sigh.

  3. I'm rootin' for the bear. And Darwin.


  4. Dr. C - graphs = Holdem manager. I broke down and bought it when I started trying ring games a couple months ago. Great program for figuring out leaks etc... fucking thing doesn't tell you when you're too drunk to play though....

    kat - you just need to win one 10¢ sit n go and you're at the top of the leaderboard, so I don't wanna hear complaints from you! ;)

    as for idiots... another guy did the same shit 5 minutes later after the first guy left. I'm going to go watch "grizzly man" for some tips.

  5. All you need is a tip from Stephen Colbert:

    Bears are Godless killing machines.



  6. I'm definitely rooting for the bear.