Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Self-Induced Torture

Since it seems everyone else knows, I'll go ahead and say it as well. I'm also using the low-limit Razz tables and low-limit Stud/8 tables to try and do a little bit of building up.

However, one tournament I've been playing regularly has been the 9:45 PM $5 Razz MTT. Yes, we're combining the exquisite fun of Razz to the pleasure ride of a tournament, for wonderful times!

This is another one of those smaller MTT's where the players are so bad that you can just sit back and wait, wait, wait - even in this stud tournament. I played it last night and I don't think I played more than 20% of the hands to even fourth street, but I still managed to finish 10th of 116. I ran terribly the whole way, didn't play many hands, and still managed to cash. Even though it's only for a few dollars, it's still something.

Too bad I couldn't get away with eking into a small cash this weekend at the Venetian when I went out in 408th of 778. Boo.....

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