Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wrong Site, Right Result

I am doing this challenge on Full Tilt.

Maybe I should have picked BoDog.

I played in their nightly $500 freeroll tonight, which tonight had 3,876 people registered.

Top 63 paid out. Squeaked in as a short stack.

How about a final table? OK. Again, squeaked in as a short stack.

How about taking it all down? Well, I knocked out four people in a row at the final table, but started getting hit by the suckout train myself and ended up in 2nd for $75.00.

Within five minutes at the final table, I made:

A seven-high straight to take out pocket Kings and pocket eights
KQ knocks out player with A9
JJ knocks out player with AK
82 offsuit (in the BB and player all in on ante) takes out player with Q8
AK knocks out player with QQ

This got us to heads up, and me with a 5:1 chip lead which I promptly blew with hands like A5 losing to QJ, folding to a turned flush, K2 losing to A2, KQ losing to A9, and finally AK losing to Q8.

Considering how much lucksacking I did to get to 2nd, I can't complain too much.

Off to bed, and taking the kids to Stone Mountain tomorrow.

Too bad this wouldn't count towards the challenge or prop bet - 2nd of 3876 would be 0.052% and probably take the lead by a whole lot on the donkey-slayer prop bet. Since my balance was at the magic amount of $0.00 on BoDog, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.

At least, I'm assuming it doesn't. I've made an ass out of you and me before, so if I'm incorrect in my assumption I'd love to find out.

I guess it came out $15 an hour.

It'll do.

Now, sleep.


  1. Not sure why this wouldn't count, 2nd out of 3876 is still 2nd out of 3876 regardless of site. I'd like to hear other's opinions, though.

  2. Agreed. I don't think we specified a particular site. Sucks for me, but that just means I have to try harder.


    PS. Can I count my session at the Muckleshoot tonight?


  3. I think only the bankrolls are site specific. Biggest win by player count shouldn't matter.

  4. oh. ok.

    in that case..

    WOO HOO!