Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If You're Gonna Lose...

Might as well be like this. I really hate suckouts, but this one made me smile.

FYI - this is the new screen for "Last Hand" on FT. It's interactive, meaning you can actually watch the whole hand as it unfolds (not in my screencap, but in the actual program). It didn't work at first, but when I shut down and restarted the program it worked fine. Pretty cool, actually. - DrC


  1. How did the $$ go in in this hand?
    Preflop you were 43/57 dog. On the flop you DROPPED to 40/60 even though you hit your queen - it gave him oesd + any diamond + 2 jacks. By the turn you inched ahead to 61/39, but the dude had just about every card in the deck to kill you off and he hit one of them. I'm sure UTG raised pf, which should set of some warning bells + AQo is not a great hand to go to war with unless you were getting short/desperate. So this was never really a suckout as you were never really ahead ;)
    Having said that, it still sucks to think you're gonna snake one out, only to have it snatched from your grasp :)

    Did you ever look into HEM?

  2. How did the $$ go in in this hand? It went AWAY :-)

    I missed most of this tourney while shopping and putting my kids to bed. It was the Daily Dollar, and while I should treat every tournament as if it's the Main Event, I just wasn't emotionally invested.

    I think he raised 3x UTG and I re-raised. He pushed and I was getting about 3:1 to call, so I did. The rest was just spectating.

    Remind me again - what is HEM?


  3. Holde Em Manager. You had asked me where I got the graphs from earlier. I think you can get a discount on it if you're a Stox member, or you can place 15th in 18 more fergesons to buy it for full price. Well worth it if you play any nlhe ring, still worth it for tourneys. It's very helpful in letting me know how much I suck at poker. So I figure I can spend the $80 right now, realize I shouldn't be playing, cash out, and save myself a ton of $$ over the long run. Either that, or try to improve my game, but who would laugh at me then?