Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting close Doc!

Saw that this thing was registering in the chat box, entered on a whim. Not a good idea to enter a 13,000 person tourney at 11:00 at night, when you've been drinking wine. Table I was at was surprisingly tight (not necessarily good, but I'm used to tables full of auto shovers on freeroll donkaments). A couple hours into it I fell asleep. Woke up with a start, was at a completely different table with about 15k chips (average). About 2 hands later I get AA (wake up in the BB with AA, literally) and triple up. Ride my 50k stack for a while, but I couldn't keep my eyes open (it was somehere in the 3-4am range). Folds to my 77 in MP, I shove my whole stack in hoping to get the heck out of this thing so I can get some sleep, and my wish is granted when SB calls with JJ. I probably should have just shut down and let the 50k ride, but I thought that might be a little unfair to the challenge...

So how do I figure out what the percentage is for 364/13,206?

My hand of the night.... unfortunately the dude was short stacked - he aid off with a Q.

As for the Record Breaker... I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it, but if I can, I'm definitely in for the prop. Especially the drink/hr part :)


  1. Calculating the % is simply dividing the numerator/denominator, which you can actually do in Google (or with a regular calculator):

    364/13206 = 0.0276 which is the same as 2.76%

    Close, but you would have had to finish 146th or higher to take the lead (13206*1.111%).


  2. Could have easily done 146 if I had been awake - that field was super easy, but as it was... there was no way I was staying awake for another second!