Monday, August 24, 2009


*BLAARGH note: It looks like cindy was here all along, but couldn't figure out blogspot. I'll help her along in the future, but for now here's her latest email + screenshot. MHG, I'll leave it to you to decide wither the 'licious mobneys shalt flow.

I didn't think to post during the two months prior to August 20 -
there wasn't much to post other than the slow shrinking of my
bankroll.  I ended up down 55%, from $67.75 to $31.50.  I did manage
to keep myself from playing king-nine unless I really, really, really,
REALLY had a feeling, but I found other ways to lose.
Did anyone else play in PokerStars Guinness challenge?  I went out
about 2000th and won myself a whopping $2.40. (Which was practically
the only win I booked!)

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