Friday, August 21, 2009

Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Let's end this challenge in style--Pacific Standard Time style.

1119.09 to start

1138.15 to end

1138.15/1119.09 = 101.70%


Well, crap, we have to add in the "others"
+2 to Dr. Chako
-20 from bonus release

1120.15/1119.09 = 100.09% for a whopping 0.09% increase!

So, it doesn't look like I'm the winner, but I am positive, and I am going to pour myself a big gin n' tonic for that feat. OK, done and drinking now, time to dive into the challenge.

Things I learned from this challenge:

This is the second bankroll challenge I've done with Dr. Chako. Our first challenge was just the two of us, and we both failed miserably. This time around I was almost certain we'd all be negative again, unless someone hit a big score. Maybe even if someone hit a big score. I am shocked and amazed that Dr. Chako and I came out on top, even if it is a fraction of a percentage on top. And that fraction of a percentage only came chasing a positive total in the 12th hour playing happy hour poker...

Chasing bonuses or challenges leads to bad play and lost money!!

I would hop online and play for a big score to boost my bankroll and lose, then I would say "fuck it" to the challenge and grind my way back up to even playing solid poker and concentrating on making good decisions instead of focusing on results. This happened about five times over the last two months.

The second thing I learned was liking limit poker again! If you had told me at the beginning of this challenge that I would make most of my money on 2/4 and 3/6 limit hold'em, I would have spewed my gin n' tonic all over your face. Limit. Hold'em. Online?!? I don't think I've ever played limit hold'em online. I got sick of losing money playing live at casinos and getting sucked out on years ago--but I found myself back at a local casino playing 4/8 bingo. F-Train definitely has something to his post about limit hold'em not being in the lights and glamor the past few years, and as no limit hold'em tables have gotten tougher over the past five years, limit tables have not.

All in all, I really did not play as much poker over the past two months than I anticipated when we started two months ago. Part of the lack of poker was due to the fact that I thought break-even poker might win me some money on side bets! I look forward to reading up on others' experiences with the challenge and tabulating who wins on the bets!

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  1. w00t!!

    I know what you mean about chasing at the end. When you jumped on my table two nights ago and I saw how much you brought in, I assumed you were way positive. I knew I had to catch up.

    Go back to my screen cap and look how much of my BR I had in play.