Monday, August 24, 2009

A Modest Proposal

I enjoy the taste of a fattened Irish child as much as the next alien, but I had something a bit different in mind. 


Would anyone be interested in doing another challenge, but this time start completely fresh on a site none of us belong to? Everyone starts with the same initial deposit with rebuys if you hit zero? Or top offs if you go below the initial amount? Up for discussion - also initial amount up for discussion. 

I'm guessing no one here belongs to Lock. (I know I don't!). There is a pro here in Brooklyn that just got signed, and in order to drum up signups is willing to deposit for you. If it makes things easier for everyone, I'd be willing to make the initial deposit through him + collect blogger mobneys afterward. If anyone not from the initial group wants in, I'd have to know you, or at least have good references, or you could deposit yourself. I'm sure he gets some sort of kickback, so to be fair, lets use his code if we can. Right now Lock does not have rakeback, but they promise that when they do get it up and running, they will offer it to everyone, not just new signups.

I'm up for any other site if this one doesn't appeal (cake, maybe?). 

Does this idea float anyone's boat?


  1. could be amusing. I can deposit too if need be.

  2. I probably could as well.... just trying to make life easy for everyone.

  3. Not really interested in depositing to another site, but ya'll have fun.


  4. Just an idea - not set on it, but thought it might be fun. Anyone else interest or disinterest?

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  6. I might be able to deposit at another site but that has proven to be very frustrating for me in the past. I still can't play at Bodog. It's like they think MN is in Canada or something, but didn't I read that even Canucks can deposit at Bodog now. I just need some lead time and a promise that summer ain't coming soon.