Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poker Update from Dr. Chako

Well, I'm living the life of a bachelor. This means:

1. I get to walk around the house nekkid,
2. I will be playing a lot of poker.

Heck, I may even do both at the same time.

I moved the fam down to Palo Alto last weekend (update here) and I'm staying here in Washington while I wait for my California medical license (which just got rejected because my internship, which happened at a hospital that doesn't exist anymore, sent my certificate with a copy of my photo, but they only accept original photos. Hello? The hospital doesn't fucking exist!)

Anyway, I had some free time last night so I headed to my favorite stomping grounds, Diamond Lil's in Renton, WA. I've been on a good run lately with 7 consecutive sessions where I came out ahead (counting live and online).

It was not the 8th.

The table was very loose and I played way too many pots. I started right away at 8/16 and won my first two hands, nearly doubling my buy-in. I should have walked away, but it was early, dammit. Don't judge me.

The next two hours saw me piss away my early win, plus the original rack. And the next rack. Fortunately, I only brought enough for 2 1/2 racks, otherwise I would have pissed away the rest, I think.

Instead, I came home and decided to chase my losses online. Great plan, right?

Actually, it was! I tightened way up and concentrated on position. I was playing 6-handed .05/.10 PLO with a $4 cap. Within one hour I doubled my buy-in and this time I DID cash out. I also played a 9-player PLO8 SNG and took second. I finished with 6-handed .25/.50 LHE and almost doubled my buy-in there.

So, to recap... I killed online for a profit of about $30, but I pissed away nearly $500 playing live.

I'm calling it a win.


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  2. sorry, you lost me after the bullet point.

    Oh, wait...this was a poker post? My bad.


  3. You really need to change your live and online results, both for your pocketbook and my chances of winning my bets.

    Think of the children!!!