Friday, August 21, 2009

The Results

Alright friends, this is what we've been waiting for. To whom do we ship our money and side bets?!?

Here is a list of the bets and entrants from last month. I've copied and updated the list below, and at the very end is a tally of money owed.

1) Most gained as a % of bankroll from beginning to end of challenge ($10 into pool, winner take all)

MHG (up 0.09%)
Dr. Chako (up 1.74%)
Blaargh! (down 29%)
Aposec72 (down 100%)
Katitude (down 511%???)

Winner: Dr. Chako

2) Largest score ($5 into pool, winner take all)

MHG (15.75 - 7/29/09)
Dr. Chako ($96, damn doctors)
Blaargh! ($21.50 - 2nd twice in $5.50 sngs - that's pretty pathetic that that's my biggest score this month btw...)
Aposec72 ($7.95) ($13) ** Aposec - is this with the buy-in subtracted?
Katitude ($278, !@#$)

Winner: Katitude

3) Slayer of Donkeys ($5 into pool, smallest fraction: finish place / # of entrants)

MHG (4.03%)
Blaargh! (2.76%)
Dr. Chako (1.11%)
Aposec72 (0.052%, wtf!)

Winner: Aposec72

4) Funniest post on this blog (Losers post an entry bowing down to the winner, to be voted on secretly by participants)

Dr. Chako

Outcome: The way I see it is that I got outclassed, and it is a two-horse race between Blaargh! and Dr. Chako. They each vote for themselves, leaving me with the only vote that matters. They both made plenty of worthy posts, but I will have to give the victory to Blaargh with his latest Youtube upload. Dr. Chako and I will have to post bow-down entries on our blogs to the one... the only... blaaaaaargh!

5) Katitude / MHG horse bet (Vanity picture on motorcycle)

Katitude has Dr. Chako (shaking in her boots)
MHG has Cindilicious (liking my chances!)

Winner: Katitude. If Dr. Chako had been negative I would have tried to steal this victory from you, assuming Cindi didn't play and broke even--but since Dr. Chako came out positive I am screwed. Vanity picture will be up on the blog within the week, and lucky for you my bike just got out of the shop this afternoon!

All told, here is what people owe each other:

MHG: I owe Dr. Chako $10 for #1, Kat $5 for #2, Aposec $5 for #3, Blaargh a post on my blog for #4 and Kat a moto picture for #5. Good God.

Dr. Chako owes Blaargh a post on his blog about how funny and good looking Blaargh is.

Blaargh! owes Dr. Chako $10, owes Kat $5, owes Aposec72 $5.

Katitude owes Dr. Chako $5 (#1-#2).

Aposec72 owes Dr. Chako $5 (#1-#3).


Instead of paying $5 to Aposec72 and him paying that to Dr. Chako, MHG can pay that directly to Dr. Chako (agree in the comment section Aposec72 if this works for you)

Instead of paying $5 to Katitude, and her paying that to Dr. Chako, Blaargh can pay that directly to Dr. Chako (agree in the comment section Blaargh/Kat if you agree)

If agreed, here are the payouts:

MHG: $15 to Dr. Chako, $5 to Kat
Blaargh: $15 to Dr. Chako, $5 to Aposec72


Blaargh, let's go get crunk, we suck.

If you see any errors in the results, go fuck yourself... I mean, please let me know!


  1. A yeomans job for sure.

    I would have to say that the best part of all this is...


    Yeah, winning doesn't suck. You know what sucks?


    But winning? Pretty cool.

    Is anyone pissed enough now for a rematch?


  2. REMATCH!!!!!!

    Dr. C - your screen name is - hold on - i can just go look in the screenshots, duh.

    sending $$ to you + aposec now:)

    Congrats you guys, I'm going to crunk with mhg...

  3. works for me...and thanks again for letting me join in the reindeer games ;-)

  4. Awesome job everyone! So glad I could almost be apart of it. I'd be up for a rematch. I might even find some free time and actually complete the betting process :-P

  5. That vid was awesome!

    Of course, I'm always up for a rematch. I nominate MHG as the coordinator since he did such a fine job last time.