Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don't want to jinx myself (I probably just did), but I just might be getting the hang of 25NL. Wish this could of happened a couple weeks ago, but better late than never.

A couple really bad plays on my part with me sucking out early on (you can see I'm waaaaay above expectation), but I snapped out of it and played the rest of the hands to perfection, or at least reasonably well, which I can most assuredly tell you I was not doing before.

The ev line goes straight up at about hand 173.... that had to be one of the worst suckouts ever. I'm watching a donk at my table agro shove and basically run over anyone that gets in a hand with him. He was up to 90 bucks at one point, but I took a bunch off of him and we were about even with 40 bucks each. I have his patterns memorized and I'm waiting for my spot. I get AA, limp (he had been tilt raising weird amounts), he raises big as I expect, I rr, he 3bets, I get it in and he calls... with Ace.... Jack.... offsuit. I'm 92% to win this hand and take his last 40 bucks, which it seems he was dying to give away. Flop comes 234.... you see where this is going? Yep, 5 turn and we chop. I lose a buck 50 on the fucking deal. I know this crap happens, but to be so patient for so long and get the perfect setup... guess it could have been worse and he hits JJ or a four flush, but still... :)

Around hand 340, I jump into 2 new tables, first hand on table 1 I have 33, someone min raises, a bunch of calls and more min raises and all kinds of stupidness where I was priced in to set mine... we get to the flop, I hit my 3, get all in on the turn and river another 3. DQB!!! Didn't even need it - I was up against Q9 and AQ on a Queen high board for a $63 pot. 2 hands into the second table I get AIPF with another dude putting in half his stack then folding and square off with AA vs QQ and hold.... what a good night that was...

Even without those monster hands, I feel like I'm getting a grip on 25 NL. I went through a long stretch where I was overplaying draws, trying to bluff too many pots, and getting myself into stupid situations. I know how to fold now. That's major.

Hopefully I can continue this BR rebuilding. I blame the challenge. Let's do it again :)

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