Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wrap up - Katitude

Here's my finishing screen shot:

It looks super impressive when compared to my first one that showed a balance of $6.74.

But we all know, as with the supermodel body that sheathes a shrieking harridan of a woman, looks can be deceiving.

Once you take away the injections of ad money, $460 in total, then you can see that yes, I truly suck at poker.

Start balance: 6.74
Ending balance: -27.72

Now, I have a head cold that is making me all woozy and I am math challenged when it comes to percentages (I was sick that day), but by my calculations, I show a loss of $34.46 or 511 percent.

Five hundred and eleven percent. Good grief. So much for the Most Gained as a % of Bankroll bet. Let me know who I have to ship the tenner to.

Well, I suck at poker about 98% of the time. I did have one good cash for $278 from an initial $8.80 investment. I went out 14th of 448, so I think this gives me a win for Largest Score and Slayer of Donkeys (0.0311%).

I could be wrong though.

Unless dry, self-deprecating sarcasm can be classed as humorous, I certainly fail in the Funniest Blog Post wager.

Oh wait. I don't think I was in that bet. Never mind.

Not sure how the horsie bet is going with me and MHG. I know how my pick is doing, but I have no idea how Cindylicious is faring. Maybe I should wash my bike anyway in preparation of having to take a photo. It looks a little grimy after a few days on Northern roads.

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