Monday, August 17, 2009

Telling Screencap

This is an interesting screencap, I believe (feel free to click the picture for a larger image of my desktop). Not only does it show a weird hold 'em hand at the final table of tournament #1, but it also shows a little of my strategy for winning this bet. Here I'm playing two tournaments at the same time; an 18 player SNG and a 27 player SNG. In the first I'm 2nd and in the second I'm 3rd. I ended up taking 2nd in both and I'm happy with everything but my heads up play. In one case, the chip leader called me an "f-in donkey" and he was right. I called an all in with K-2 and river the wheel. His 6s were no match.

This is a nice addition to a fairly good run over the last couple weeks, both live and online. Earlier today I made the final table of the local 45 person tournament at Freddie's in Fife (money back only) and doubled my buy-in at the 8/16 game that followed.

That said, I'm not certain any of us have a chance of catching Kat after her big hit.

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  1. The other interesting thing is that the clock in the upper right corner shows I'm playing at 1:20 am Sunday night/Monday morning. I love being a bachelor!