Thursday, August 20, 2009

It was fun (but I owe a ton!)

483.33 cash, 22T, $26 Token and $20 I let a friend borrow = 551.33
With a starting balance of 814.75 (including $11T) means I'm down (32%)
* just won another $5/18 -  which puts me down 29% - still pretty pathetic :)

I came close to the donkey killer early on, and went out 600 out of 9000 (JJ <>

Who had the biggest score? Most I could do was winning a few $5 18's. Does Aposec have that one as well?

Tried a last ditch effort tonight to catch back up by using another token in a $26 90 KO, but to no avail... out in 22 (with only 1 KO ).

Hopefully I at least get honorable mention in the post category...

Nevertheless.... had a blast with you all....

Who's up for "SBC: THE FALL VERSION"?

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