Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back on track

So.... I ended my weekend on a good note, gaining back most of my losses from sat/early sunday.

But the way I did it was pretty stupid from a bankroll management perspective. On Sunday evening, I jumped back into 25NL, trying to keep up the momentum from earlier in the day. Nothing was going right, though early on I was playing well. Until I had to fold AA. Then another big hand had to go. Then I spewed a buy in with AQ into 2 players that OBVIOUSLY had me beat (yes, I was 0% on the flop... leave me alone, I don't want to talk about it).

I took a walk at that point to collect myself. I was tilting, but not in my old "throw crap around the house and punch the pets" kind of way. Just mad at myself for playing so badly. I sat back down a little while later determined to play my best A game possible. And to make sure of that, I threw in a sink or swim scenario... I jumped into the 100NL tables.

This makes me tighten up and play my best, but good bankroll management it is NOT. I just wanted to play a few hands, break even or make a couple bucks, then jump out. Yeah, it's my "Johnny fucking Chan" moment, just to see if I can do it. The downside if I run bad is that I feel even worse for losing another 100 bucks.

Lucky for me, variance was on my side for once. I ran like a god, hitting str8s, trips and 2 pair hands at will against the fish at the table, and terrorizing the regs for their lunch money. I logged out after about an hour up close to $200, and almost breaking even from the beginning of the month.

I spent a bunch of time yesterday looking at my *many* leaks and made a game plan for 50NL. It's working so far. I played a solid, tight game, got folds where I needed them, and calls where I needed them. I got lucky on the river twice (one time as a 60/40, and one as a 70/30 dog). Both times I was done with the hand for a small loss unless it improved, both times I was able to stack the other guy because I did improve. My big hands held. I felt like I was reading the other players well, and where I couldn't figure out what was going on, I dumped my hand early. My worst loss was -13.65 to a shorty. (top 2 vs rivered flush, if you must know).

So at this point... back on track for the challenge. My goal right now is to get to 3k and start nibbling at 100NL (properly rolled at 30BI). I'm not setting any time limits, and if I feel like I'm not playing my A game I won't jump into it until I do. It's always much easier to look at goals like this when I'm running well. I may end up just setting a hand limit at 50NL since it seems to be giving me so much trouble, and spend time trying to identify leaks before I move up. I'll have to play it all by ear...

BWOP has generously added some pot sweeteners to this challenge. I hadn't planned on playing too many MTTs except the Mookie (see my greatest performance here), so now there's incentive to add Mookie title #2 to my list of things to do. Thanks CK!


  1. Sonuva! I guess I RSVP'ed too late to the party.

  2. Nope, I'm pretty sure you can still get in if you want... MHG - wasn't there a late arrivals condition to this challenge?

  3. HoP mobnies are the sweetest mobnies!