Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I feel violated...

The AA hands within about 4 minutes of each other.... I hate this game.
*edit - I am now down $800 in EV. Did I mention I f***ing hate this f***ing game and all the f***ing 2 outers that f***ing hit every f***ing time I have a hand? F********************K.

And f*** you and your big score HOP. (ok, congrats, you bastard)

*also edited for content, in case there are sensitive viewers out there that have never played f***ing rush poker


  1. These have my votes for worst beat so far.

  2. Those were only a few from yesterday, it got worse... for the month at 100NL I have $733 in profit, $2000 in EV.... I want to throw up. Not really, but I'm def taking a step back to 50NL until I build up again, and maybe getting off the rush bandwagon until I can manage the variance better.