Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Find a Treasure Map

You search the room. You find a treasure map! (Treasure Map added to inventory)

Do you take an action? (*first comment, Kat)

You don your reading glasses and unroll the map. You squint and make out the LARGE FONT at the top of the page: "Island of MTT" There is an outline of an island with a large mountain on it. A large golden temple lies near the summit of the mountain. There is a long, winding road to the temple. The road begins at the fisherman's village near where you found the treasure map and winds through the forbidden forest and up the rugged mountains to the temple.

You roll back up the scroll and ponder your next move... (comment two, Dr. Chako)

You check your inventory. You find a canteen. You find a Treasure Map. You find your trusty musket. You find a coin purse with nine gold coins. You find doggy treats in your left pocket. You find your dog at your side.

You make your way back to the fishing village, when you cross paths with another traveler who also has their dog off leash. The two dogs get into a tussle.

"Swiper no swiping!!!" You yell over the commotion of the dog fight. Upon hearing your command, Swiper retreats from the dog fight that he was clearly winning to heel by your side. The other dog looks more than confused. (comment 3: Blaargh!)

"You know better than that, Swiper... but good dog for obeying me." You say as you place a doggy treat on top of Swiper's head. "Alright now, pup. You walk to that sign over yonder and back without dropping it, and you can have it." Swiper carefully walks to the sign 20ft away, turns around and walks back, then flips the treat into the air and catches it in his mouth.

'A trusty friend is always good to have on a journey' you think to yourself. Now, about this map... (comment 4)


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    Check inventory

  2. Yell "Swiper no swiping" really loudly.