Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Attempt = FAIL

I decided to fire up a $5.50 PLO tournament on Full Tilt to kick off my participation in The Challenge II. (Is that the "official" name now?)

234 entrants, 27 paid, $304.20 to first.

I started off well, maintaining an above-average stack until I was run down by a guy who was chasing a flush draw against my nut straight / re-draw to higher straight. I tried to grind my way back and was the beneficiary of this courtesy double up.

Action on the flop was bet by villain, pot by me, re-pot by villain putting me all in. Omadonks really crack me up sometimes.

Things went nowhere from there and I was forced to Bayne it up with this hand.

Thanks to the triple up, I was out of the Dank position but still in critical mode.

The final blow was this hand:

I limped on the button against two big stacks because I wanted to see a flop before committing the rest of my stack. Arguments can be made for potting pre, but given the relative stack sizes, it wasn't going to make much of a difference. Action on the flop was checked by the two players in the blind. I potted. Villain min-raised, driving out the BB. I was a slight underdog at 55/45, which in the world of omaha isn't that horrible. No diamond for me, and I exited the tournament in 40th place while cursing Dawn Summers.

Final results:

In case you haven't been following along in comments, I added a sweetener to The Challenge II. I will pay $5 to any participant who wins a Mookie (minimum 27 entrants) or has an online tournament cash of greater than $250. I will pay $15 to any participant who has an online tournament cash of greater than $500. Maximum payout of $25 per participant. (By participant, I mean any person who is involved in at least 2 of the first 3 monetary bets that are part of The Challenge II. You do not have to agree to make a similar bet.)

Good luck everyone!

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