Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Someone punched me in the nose...

Cut the side/tip of my finger off with an xacto knife, bled all over the place, wrapped it up with paper towel, still bled, made a rubber band tourniquet, still bled, sent a friend around the corner for some bandages, started feeling a bit lightheaded, wake up and the EMTs are there, the girls down the hall called 911 when they found me with my legs hanging out of the hallway bathroom. When the EMTs asked what was wrong, I held up my finger and said "I got a boo boo". The EMTs didn't laugh. Went to the ER later and bled all over the triage nurse. She sent me to a doc and I bled all over her. She packed it full of cellulose and wrapped it up and I didn't pass out again. I think I was sent to Super Weenie General. The guy next to me was in because a cat scratched his ankle.

I have ruined yet another date with my wife. My daughter was at a sleepover and my wife was on her way to meet me at the movie theater to see Avatar when I did this. I'm cursed.

The best part? I had printed out Small Stakes Holdem and was cutting a cover for it. My wife loved that.

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