Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 3 Update - APOSEC72

Well, three weeks in, I haven't really done much of note. If anything, I've been playing less poker, not more, as of late. Work has kept me insane (such as last night, when I was up until FOUR A.M. working on some work items.

Anyway, I figured I would post some more details, since I haven't don't much in previous updates.

Starting bankroll: $13.52

Ring Games:
.01/.02 NLHE: 1,577 hands played, net loss of $1.74. -4.54BB/100.
.05/.10 NLHE: 408 hands played, net gain of $19.16. 46.96BB/100 (which will be impossible to continue).

Total: 1,985 hands, net gain of $17.42

Played 1 $3.30 90-man KO, got one bounty for $.50.
Played 2 $2.25 Matrix tourneys; washed out in 1, cashed $1.08 in other.
Played 1 $2.25 9-man SnG, placed 3rd for $3.60.
Played 4 $1.20 SnG's, cashed for a total of $3.72.

Total: Buyins 14.85, Cashouts 8.90, Net (-5.95)


$3.30 KO MTT, 421/837, $0.00
$2.50 + $.50 KO MTT, 2/25, $8.88
$1 MTT, 353/10131, $4.05
$3.30 MTT, 76/596, $0.00
$5.50 HORSE MTT, 64/189, $0.00
$1.10 BLT Satellite (1/227), Win, $5.50
$1.10 BLT Satellite (1/183), Win, $5.50

Total: Buyins 18.30, Cashouts 23.93, Net +5.63

Total Bankroll (as of 1/25/10)

Starting Roll: 13.52
Cash Games: 17.42
SNG's: (-5.95)
MTT's: 5.63

ENDING ROLL (for now): 30.62

1) Most gained as a percentage of roll: Well, I've grown it from 13.52 to 30.62, for a percentage gain of 126.48%. If recent posts are any indication, that's probably not good for much right now.

2) Largest Score: I don't have any that really qualify, as I haven't tried too many deep tourneys and have been mucking around in the shallow end of the pool.

3) Slayer of Donkeys -Sadly, this entry is still my best qualifier, and it's not even close: 353/10131 = 3.48%

7) Most Hands Played: I've played only about 2,000 hands in ring games so far. I haven't had any really long sessions yet - I think the longest I have done was one session of about 250 hands. (I'm assuming we are only counting cash games, not SNG's or MTT's, right?)

So, a less than stellar update - but at least I have enough in there to cover bets I've made with y'all if it doesn't go any higher :)

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