Monday, January 18, 2010

Brief Update at the Quarter Pole

I started with a tiny bankroll, and I still have a tiny bankroll.

I've played about 1000 hands in cash of .01/.02 NLHE, and am down about 3.5BB/100 over that time. Meh.

I've played three or four tiny MTT's, with one cash in the Daily Dollar, so that has been about breakeven. Meh.

I've played several Matrix tourneys and broken even there. I played one of the $3 90-max KO's and did nothing, and that is my entire difference from my massive starting roll of $13 and change - I'm now at about $10.50.

Mostly, when I have played, I haven't really been focused, so trying to sit down for any decent duration of time has been futile - hence, not a lot of ring game hands or any big attempts at big donkfests like the Daily Dollar.

Overall: Meh.

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