Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Status Update - DLMiN

Things are going well since the challenge started. I think it's providing some extra motivation to stay disciplined. I don't know whether or not to list live progress, it seems nobody else is, so I'll just post my online results. I started off the year with $141 in my PokerStars account. After burning through that I reloaded $200 on the 6th.

Since then I've run it up to $360.50, for a total gain of $19.50 (6%). If anybody's tracking their results from live games I can update with that too.


  1. you probably want to remowe your personal info from this image as well...


  2. Hey Shawn, live doesn't count for the challenge, but by all means, post your live brags/beats here for everyone to enjoy.

  3. Thanks for fixing that Blaargh.