Sunday, January 3, 2010


Can you say running bad? The red line above is my EV. Around hand 1400 I dropped down to 25NL and only 2-3 tables, and only playing rested and for short time periods. The times I normally play are pretty bad for my concentration, and looking over a lot of these hands, I could have avoided a bunch of the smaller losses while waiting for my all ins to hold.

Pretty sure I'm kicking MHG's ass in # of hands though.... bwahahahahaaaaa

** just noticed, I'm already close to losing more that all your bankrolls combined. jeebus.


  1. Spent the first few days of 2010 up at the internetless cabin with friends and a keg to finish. Time to play thousands and thousands of hands!

  2. Hey BLAARGH. How do I post to this site?

  3. I need an email address from you... email me: blaargh86 AT gmail DOT com with it and I'll set you up. (and no, I don't give out your personal information unless it's comedic effect is worth the beat down I'd receive ... reassuring huh?)