Thursday, January 7, 2010


OK, BDR (website is down, dammit) is the friggning awesomest mookie live internet radio show out there! (ok, it's the only one, so what?) The BDR folks spent most of the show trying to pronounce my name with their best pirate voices. BLAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHH. I woke my wife and daughter up 3 times laughing.

I was hoping to take some of those delicious bwop mobnies tonight, but she put a limit of 27 on mookie contestants. So where the f'ing hell were the rest of you biotches???

It maxed out at 23 donkies. I broke my poker/drinking rule to play the mook, but still ended up a reasonable 3rd. I pretty much dominated the mook from about 5 minutes in, double the 2nd place guy until the FT, but managed to lose a couple of crappy all ins (including this one to knock me out:) *note - this isn't sour grapes... he would have been an idiot to NOT call me with my mini stack there

This is about the 500th time I've FT the Mookie. I have about 7 more tries before this challenge is over. You've all been warned....


  1. Would have been worse if you used your Mookie one-time chip when the min player count wasn't reached.

  2. The Mookie and the dearly departed Friday Night Donkament have always been the exceptions to the no drinky while playing poker rule...sometimes a drink is required.

    Would have loved to played but my wife insisted on me making her salsa. She's way hawter then any of the donkeys at the Mookie :)

  3. I don't know.... if you had as many beers as I did last night even the goldfish start looking pretty sexy. Ever notice those beautifully shaped lips, the smooth curve of the tail, the... be right back!