Monday, January 11, 2010

Calling All Jockeys

That means you, Kat, Dr. Chako and Blaargh!

We have some very valuable pieces of crafted art to the winner of this challenge, so get your game faces on.

We each get to pick a horse to ride for the first three bets: %bankroll increase, largest score, Slayer of Donkeys. As chairman of this here pony race, I think we should be able to choose any horse for any of the bets. So I can pick Dr. Chako for the first race, Kat for the second and myself for the supreme slayer of donkeys! We'll take the average of the three placements and have a winner.

To avoid tie-breakers and create confusion, we'll say that each horse can not be picked more than once for any of the bets, so the first jockeys to choose their horses have the advantage (not to mention the awkwardness of having two jockeys on one horse, or a jockey and a horse atop another jockey).

In the event of a tie, we will have a shared national championship, and the art will reflect the winners, and be created in duplicate to give to the winners.

Hopefully we can get our horses locked down by the end of the week. I'll wait until later in the week to make my picks, as to not have an advantage.


  1. Why don't we email our horses to a non-contender (bwop maybe?) and have him/her post them all when they've been compiled. That way no one knows who the others picked. If there's overlap, so what - auto tie. I don't think there's enough players here to have separate horsies for everything.

  2. Fine to email the picks to me: ckbwop at gmail dot com. I'll even make a spreadsheet because I <3 them so much.

  3. MHG, other jockeys... you kids good with that? Or any other ideas?

  4. Only because spreadsheets are involved.